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Shane talks about Dynamic 3.0 and how they work with brands and companies onboard into WEB3 and launch projects

October 2, 2022

Shane is an entrepreneur with a focus on Web3 and digital media. In the world of Web3, Shane operates as the CMO for Dynamic 3.0, a Web3 venture builder, as well as an overall strategist and thought leader in the space.
On the media side of things, Shane brings 10 years of experience working as a producer, creative director, and on-camera personality in all forms of digital media. Over that span, Shane has had the opportunity to work with NFL Hall of Famers, and A-list celebrities, and produce content for national brands that include Disney, T-Mobile,, General Electric, and WD-40 among many more.
As a producer, Shane has experience building, managing, and leading teams of over 50 people as well as establishing clear and direct treatments, scripts, storyboards, and budgets.
Outside of work, Shane loves staying active and playing as many obscure sports as he can discover.


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