NFT Roundtable

Cotton Candy Records CEO Pip discuss how they are paying 80% artists

August 20, 2022

Thomas Pipolo (Pip), 26, is a pop artist, singer-songwriter, and NFT music artist who sold $20k worth of his ‘Backstage Pass’ NFTs in 24 hours. As an advocate for blockchain technology in the music industry, Pip has launched one of the first blockchain record labels, Cotton Candy Records, to help artists build and grow their music careers on the blockchain. His debut EP ‘Cotton Candy Skies’ dropped May 27th, and was made possible through the sale of Pip’s NFTs. Pip's 'Cotton Candy Skies Super Album is available on the NFT platform VAULT. Pip has been featured in Yahoo!, Business Insider, NFT Now, Thrive Global, Showbiz CheatSheet, and HipHopDX.

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