NFT Roundtable

Lexi Butler Founder of Sista Circle BWiT paving a path for women to win in tech

November 22, 2022

This episode features special guest Lexi Butler, Chief of Staff at Twitter and Founder of Sista Circle - Black Women in the technology (BWiT), a support group for Black women in the tech field. In conversation with Iris Nevins, Lexi shares her amazing life story of studying at Stanford with no exposure to the technology sector and breaking into the tech field working at Net App as a Program Manager.  Lexi Butler speaks about the insecurities that come with being new in tech and shares the brilliant strategies that allowed her to grow and thrive in the space. Her career trajectory led her to jobs at Airbnb, Facebook and Twitter where is currently Chief of Staff. This is a great episode of NFT Roundtable that reveals how this successful Black woman in tech went from zero knowledge of the field to creating the support systems that would help her and thousands of other Black women need to succeed.


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