NFT Roundtable

Apocalyptic sci-fi show GenZeroes is embracing its audience through NFTs

October 2, 2022

Ryan Lassi and Marvel’s Aleks Paunovic serve as Executive Producers (while Aleks also stars) in the first-ever live-action NFT series to come to market. They can speak to the business of NFTs and Hollywood, and why they’re the next big thing since streaming. Neil is also quite the NFT guru and can break them down/crack the enigma on what they are and how they’re so lucrative.
GenZeroes is the second NFT project for Aleks (his first project was with Anthony Hopkins). The series also stars Paul “Big Show” Wight, Richard Harmon, Tahmoh Penikett, Bethany Brown, and Kandyse McClure.
GenZeroes is a series set 200 years after an alien invasion has left the world devastated, where 10 factions fight to control the future of humanity, and is slated to release end of March. Marvel star Aleks Paunovic (HAWKEYE) has signed on to star in the series, with other upcoming casting announcements. Ryan and Aleks can break down NFTs, why it’s the best way for artists to protect their IP, and how the public can cash in on these lucrative opportunities.



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